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Pan Fish Medium backbone ultra light tip Introducing Toxic Rod and Tackle LLC's newest addition to their lineup: the 30" Toxic Ice Finesse Gill ice rod. This cutting-edge rod is designed to provide ice anglers with unmatched finesse and precision when targeting gill species.


The 30" Toxic Ice Finesse Gill ice rod is meticulously crafted using the finest materials to ensure optimal performance on the ice. Its lightweight design allows for effortless handling, making it perfect for finesse fishing techniques. With this rod in hand, you can confidently navigate through the toughest ice conditions and target gills with finesse.


Equipped with advanced technology, the Toxic Ice Finesse Gill ice rod offers exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness. Its ultra-sensitive tip allows you to detect the subtlest of bites, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. The precise action of this ice rod enables precise lure control, enhancing your chances of success on the ice.

30" Toxic Ice Finesse Gill

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