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Custom Build to order. Introducing Toxic Rod and Tackle LLC's latest addition to their ice fishing rod collection: the 32" Toxic Ice Perch Fry ice rod. This specialized rod is designed specifically for targeting perch fry and other small baitfish species during ice fishing expeditions.


The 32" Toxic Ice Perch Fry ice rod is meticulously crafted to provide anglers with the utmost precision and control. Its length is carefully chosen to offer the perfect balance between reach and maneuverability, allowing for accurate and targeted presentations in various ice fishing scenarios.


Built with high-quality materials, the Toxic Ice Perch Fry ice rod offers exceptional strength and durability. Its responsive tip ensures that even the slightest nibbles and delicate movements are easily detected, enabling quick and precise hook sets. The rod's sturdy construction allows for battling larger perch while still maintaining the finesse required for finesse presentations.

32" Toxic Ice Perch Fry

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