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Toxic Rod and Tackle LLC is proud to introduce the 6'6" Toxic Elite Jerk Bait rod. This rod is designed for anglers who want to maximize their success when fishing with jerk baits.


The 6'6" Toxic Elite Jerk Bait rod is built with precision and performance in mind. It features a medium-heavy action and a extra fast tip, making it ideal for working jerk baits with finesse and accuracy. The rod's length provides the perfect balance of casting distance and control, allowing you to make long, accurate casts while still maintaining control over your bait.


Constructed with high-quality materials, the Toxic Elite Jerk Bait rod is built to withstand the demands of aggressive jerk bait fishing. The graphite blank offers excellent sensitivity, enabling you to feel every subtle movement of your bait and detect even the slightest bite. The rod's lightweight design ensures that you can fish with it for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

6'6" Toxic Elite " Jerk Bait" Rod

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