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Toxic Rod and Tackle LLC is excited to introduce the Toxic Elite Bass Punch/Flip casting rod to our lineup. This rod is specifically designed to enhance your bass fishing experience when using the heviest punching and flipping techniques.


The 7'8"or 7'11" Toxic Elite Bass Punch/Flip casting rod features a strong and durable graphite blank that provides excellent sensitivity and power. This unique blank allows you to detect subtle bites and control big bass with ease when fishing in heavy cover. With this rod in your hands, you'll have the confidence to punch through thick vegetation and flip your bait into tight spots where bass love to hide.


With its heavy /extra heavy power rating and moderate fast action, this rod is perfectly suited for punching and flipping techniques. It offers the ideal combination of strength and sensitivity, enabling you to effectively present your bait and detect any bites. The 7'8"/ 11 length provides increased leverage and casting distance, allowing you to cover more water and reach those hard-to-reach areas where bass lurk.


Equipped with high-quality components, the Toxic Elite Bass Punch/Flip casting rod ensures optimal performance. It features sturdy guides that reduce line friction and improve casting accuracy. The comfortable handle provides a secure and ergonomic grip, allowing you to fish for extended periods without discomfort.

7'8/11" Toxic Elite Bass "Punch/Flip" Casting Rod

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