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Toxic Rod and Tackle LLC is proud to introduce the 7' Toxic Elite Utility Bass casting rod. This rod is specifically designed for bass anglers who are looking for a versatile and high-performance tool to tackle various fishing techniques and conditions.


The 7' Toxic Elite Utility Bass casting rod is built with precision and expertise. It features a medium-heavy power rating and a fast action, making it suitable for a wide range of bass fishing applications. Whether you're flipping, pitching, or casting, this rod has the power and sensitivity to handle most applications in the light to mid range lure weights


Crafted with top-quality materials, the Toxic Elite Utility Bass casting rod is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. The graphite blank provides excellent sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the most subtle strikes. This sensitivity is crucial when targeting bass, as it enables you to feel every nibble and increase your hook-up ratio.


The 7' Toxic Elite Utility Bass casting rod features a comfortable and ergonomic handle, ensuring a secure grip and reducing hand fatigue during long fishing sessions. The rod's guides are strategically placed to minimize line friction and maximize casting distance and accuracy, giving you the confidence to make precise and long-distance casts.

7' Toxic Elite " Utility Bass" Casting Rod

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